This is an easy way to test beginning students after they have read an extended version of a story.  It is differentiated, checks the comprehension level of the students and is easy for the teacher.

For a C grade (up to 79%)

Draw the story with 10 simple stick figures to show that you understand the story.

This shows that you get the gist of the story when you read it in Spanish.

This is where we hope all students are at this point in the course.

If you are not at this level, see your teacher.

For a B grade (up to 89%)

Translate the extended version of the story into English.

This shows that you understand everything in the written Spanish version very well.

This is the level of students that are really getting it in the course.

For an A grade (up to 100%)

Write the story in Spanish in your own words.

Write between ___ and ___ words.

Change the ending of the story.

Do not copy sentences from the original version.

This shows that you understand the story and are beginning to be able to create with the language.

This is above the level that we expect all students to be at this point in the course.