Here are some more PAT activites that my students have enjoyed:
Quiet Partner Games with Numbers are just simple paper activities I have on hand for the PAT days when I am tired or just need some quiet time.
“Battleship” type game–Make your own grid with numbers on one axis and letters on the other.
Sudoku–Find some easy Sudoku puzzles, create a grid and write the numbers out in the TL.
Scrabble–Create a grid.  Students fill in with intersecting words creating their own crossword puzzle.
Noisy Pictionary
–Two teams.  Everybody is on a team and everybody participates–just go in order, one “artist” from each team at a time.
–Show a phrase in Spanish based on the vocabulary we have been working on to the artists.
–Artists run to the board and draw the phrase as their teammates scream out possibilities.
–It is loud and rowdy.  If the next door teachers do not complain, I say the game is not totally successful.
–Any vocabulary or grammatical structure that has been used in that class is fair game.
No choice on the games the first 4-5 weeks because I have to show them some options.
Famous Movie Quotes Game (This is more popular with upper levels, but lower levels can get these too)
–Teacher says the quotes from a famous movie in the TL.  Students have to guess the movie in which the line first appeared.
–Two teams.  Everybody participates.  Go in order.  Selected students gets to choose the category (Easy, medium, Difficult, Very Difficult)
–Any one on the team can guess, but the first movie title the MC hears is the official team guess.  this helps to keep things quiet.
–When a team gets it wrong, the other team gets to guess.
–It is fun and it helps if the teacher/MC says the quote in the voice of the character from the film.
–I have a Spanish version of this game in my book Stuff for Spanish Class.  The examples there are in Spanish, but French and Chinese teachers have bought that book just for this activity–they take the ideas and translate them into their languages.