CBS Local, a Washington, DC news web site reported today that if President Obama could have any super power, “It would be the ability to speak any language.” This recent comment echoes another made by the president that was reported in the February 2012 edition of ACTFL’s Language Educator (p. 8):

In an interview on a New Mexico radio station the president said that if could have any super power he would “love to be able to speak any language,” even though “it might not come in handy to rescue folks from a burning building.” Obama said he is a “big believer in making connections with people.” Whatever your political leanings, Obama is on the right track in this area.

Teaching languages is all about preparing people to make connections with one another. With TPRS we can actually teach our students to SPEAK and understand any language. Teaching with Comprehensible Input is the only way to accomplish this goal, the only way to get students to actually acquire useful language, not just talk about language.

If I could have any wish granted it would be to be able to spend time with and convince Arne Duncan, President Obama, the leading text book publishers and the head of ACTFL that C.I. is the only way that people acquire usable language. Maybe I ought to make the same wish for the teachers in my own district first.

Take courage as we start this new year, my friends.

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