La Llorona Silouhette

This is another foray into the world of embedded reading, invented and eloquently described by Laurie Clarq and Michele Whaley . You can see more of their work  here . I like the story of La Llorona and I have spent a long time thinking about how to present this simple version, as well as more complex versions of the legend over the years. I think this latest iteration is some good work.  The story starts with an extremely simple skeleton version of the story. It introduces just five words and the entire story has only 21 total words. More and more high frequency words are added and the details are filled in until the final version, which has 351 total words. The answered and unanswered questions in each version are addressed along the way, along with higher level thinking questions in the final quiz.

I have also added some more graphics to the final versions as a treat to readers/teachers for getting that far. This material is timely and teachers could benefit from it, plus if they had it this weekend, they may have time to work it into their plans for next week. There is the complete lesson, along with eight (8!) ascending versions of the story here:

More advanced versions of La Llorona and accompanying lessons for the the legend and Day of the Dead are available here on the products page of my web site.

Children Drowning