Lea writes asking about tying the “Persona Especial” activity to essential questions and specific parts of the curriculum. Good question, because defining a problem is the first step to solving it.


Hi Bryce! I was able to take part in your Persona Especial workshop at the NTPRS conference. I would like to take more of a get to know you focused approach with my level one students for the first four weeks of school. Right now I am working on creating essential questions and objectives for curriculum guides that we have to write. I am not sure what questions I should be seeking to answer. Do you have any ideas? We are a full TPRS school (very small, private Christian school), and I am free to teach what I want. Still new to teaching, I am learning what I should be covering within the course of the year. What do you think?


Hi Lea,

Good to hear from you.  Writing Essential Questions can be challenging. It seems to me the big question for a get-to-know-you unit would be “Who are you?” That is broad enough to cover almost any sub-questions and would easily include name, age, grade, hometown, likes and hobbies, which is the most that I would be able to talk about with all of my students in the first four weeks.
If this is not enough, let me know and you and I can brainstorm a bit more.