Rachel goes on to give her observations of the syllabus I hand out (mentioned in an earlier blog on this site)


Welcome to Señor Hedstrom’s Spanish class!

The syllabus that Bryce hands out is daunting to be sure, but no more so than any other class and filled with important information.  It is filled to the brim with honesty which is followed by the assurances that Bryce will help the students to acquire the Spanish language.

For example, after the administrate information about Bryce’s contact information and items necessary for Spanish class the very first thing that is covered is the most important word in the class, todavía.  This means “yet” and is coupled with examples of what the students can say like “I don’t understand . . . yet.” or “I can’t . . . yet.”  It is explained that, “In this class you will learn Spanish as you listen and read; as you interact and think.”  Bryce goes on to say, “As you put in the time and effort you will get there. It takes time and you have time here.  You don’t speak Spanish well . . . yet.  But you will.  You will.”

I love this.  Although the nuts and bolts about grading, participation/interpersonal skills, classroom rules and procedures, and even guidelines during storytelling, are certainly important for the students to know and understand I love the todavía intro.  To me, each class Bryce teaches has this feeling of excited anticipation.  Bryce never skips over the hard work and the time that it takes to get there and it feels absolutely and totally appropriate that something like this be on the front of every foreign language teacher’s syllabus.