This is another story for early Spanish I. Here is the pdf link:  LA CHICA FANTASTICA

Smiling Girl Dark Hair--Resized

It is based on a story by Mike Coxon and is a continuation of the story from last week. The kids had fun with it. It is filled with high frequency vocabulary and there is a 300 word version of the story for students to read, fill in with the unique details from their classes, and read to their parents (a little PR can never hurt!)

This story addresses a legitimate concern by TPRS observers: When do students learn conjugations with TPRS? A CSU student asked this question last week, and I think it was a good one.

Different points of view are handled with dialogue. In this story, the girl, the boy and the coffee shop employee all speak using tightly controlled first person conjugations. Students learned these new verb forms as they do almost all structures, as unique words–with gestures, interesting commands and circling.