Here is a typical example of the second “Special Person” (still not 100% satisfied with that name–if you have any suggestions please let me know) Quiz. Students were asked to write at least 20 sentences about five classmates we have interviewed most recently. She wrote 28 sentences. This girl is a softball player and an enthusiastic member of class, who has missed class at least twice a week due to the seemingly semi-pro girl’s softball schedule this time of the year. Despite her absences, she is keeping up. She rushed into the classroom before school on Thursday morning and wrote this in front of me in about 5 minutes. She has not had Spanish before, but she has been able to keep up with the input and acquisition because it is compelling and because we review a lot by asking questions and making comments about kids all of the time. There are a few spelling mistakes, but I like the mostly right grammar usage and chunks of language she is getting. Not perfect, but I’ll take it. Hang in there with C.I., my friends.

Persona Especial Quiz #2