This question comes from Adria, a Spanish I student of a teacher that uses my materials:

Hello, my name is Adria ____. I go to _____ High School. My Spanish teacher has us read your stories and answer the questions but some of us had some questions about it. Like, why are the boys really creepy and the girls really crazy?

Thanks for the good question, Adria.

I write stories to keep students' attention. I want them to be compelling and 
motivating. Exaggerating tendencies that we all sense is one way of doing that. 
Most boys are mystified by girls' behavior. I have two daughters and I have rarely 
been able to predict what they will think or do. I think that for males, female 
behavior is mostly inexplicable. The way girls act can seem crazy to boys. 

Middle school and high school boys are emotionally insane. They mature more slowly 
than girls and often cannot express themselves appropriately or articulately--
especially when a boy likes a girl, his attempts to get her attention can seem

I take the relationship tension that results from the way kids act and amplify it in 
many of my stories to make learning fun by being ridiculous. I also hope that it can 
help kids reflect on themselves and grow thereby.

Keep reading, thinking and asking questions. And thank your teacher for encouraging 
you investigate. 

Best regards,