Readicide, by Kelly Gallagher

ReadicideWhat It’s About: Explains how our teaching habits are killing our students’ desire to read and how we can fix it with better methods.

Quotable Quotes: “The most powerful motivator that schools can offer to build lifelong readers is to provide students with time in the school day for free voluntary reading (FVR).” P. 75

“Making sure every student has a book to take home to read is the single most important issue in our quest to develop young readers. If students don’t have books, they will never develop into readers. If students only read in school, they will never become lifelong readers.” p. 46

Bonus Points For: Showing us how teachers and school administrators can solve many of the problems with kids hating reading—we don’t have to wait for the district, the state or the federal government to do it.

An Image That Could Sum Up This Book Is: A group of freedom fighters liberating prisoners and burning a guillotine—the guillotine is low expectations, lack of time, and few interesting books, the prisoners are the students and the freedom fighters are informed, motivated teachers.

Read This Book If… You want to know how to get kids reading. On their own. For fun. Again.

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