Nuttsville, VA—A group of Nuttsville parents is determined to continue their bi-weekly protests at the Somer-Nuttsville School Board meetings over what they call abuse in French classes. Their complaint? Too much French is being used in the French classes of local teacher Brigitte Jansen. The group has disrupted 29 school board meetings in the last 18 months with angry shouts and outbursts of crying. Although they have never been on the agenda, the protesters keep showing up and taking over school board meetings with their rage-filled rants.

Jansen claims that speaking the language in a language class is standard practice, but parents and students beg to differ.  “This is America!” said angry parent leader Nathan Rider, “It’s a free country and kids should be able to do what they want. We speak English here. Kids shouldn’t have to hear or speak only French. They don’t have to in any other class.”

The common complaint is that the teacher keeps speaking French and even asking students to speak French. “Madam Jansen keeps requiring students to speak French in her classes. She even takes off points when my daughter speaks in English, her native language!” added, Ashley Ryan, irate parent of a French 2 student.

An official at the school confirmed that world language classes at the school are electives and are not required for graduation.

Parent group leaders say protests will continue until their demands are met. In the meantime, the school board has consented to put Ms. Jansen under investigation. Rather than placing her on paid leave, she has been transferred to fill a vacant Physical Education teacher position until a decision is made. She has been replaced with a long term substitute that does not speak French.

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