Bryce’s Songs for Spanish Class book has been revised and updated. 

Introduction to the Revised Edition

The songs in this book are timeless. They will not go out of style in a year or two so you will be able to sing these songs with your students for years to come. Many are standards that are well known throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish speakers tend to sing in groups more than English speakers do and the rich heritage of group singing is not fading away in Hispanic culture as quickly as it is in the English. We can impart some of the joy and connection of singing together by sharing these songs with ourt students.

Since the first edition of this book, teachers all over the world have given their reactions after using it with their students. We have listened to that feedback and have made some adjustments based on their wishes and advice.


Features of this Revised Edition:

  • Spanish Only Pages The format of the children’s songs and the traditional folk songs has been redone so that the main page for each song has only Spanish text. Some teachers and students found the translations distracting. The translations for each song appear on the following page, along with teaching tips and enriching and cultural background information
  • New & Sharper Graphics Much of the artwork has been redone to enhance the singing experience with additional and better graphics. The colors are brighter and the drawings are clearer.
  • More Readable Fonts The fonts have been updated to more closely match the fonts of electronic products where students are doing much of their reading, the goal being better comprehension of the text.
  • Authenticity The songs in the children’s songs section and in the folk songs section have been checked for authenticity. Even though some will be familiar to English-speaking students (La araña pequiñita, Cumpleaños feliz, Rema tu bote and Fray Felipe), native children also know and delight in them. I have sung these songs with children and heard them sung throughout Latin America. Those children know these songs and enjoy singing them and your students (of any age) will enjoy singing them too. The folk songs are timeless classics that have endured and will continue to do so. All of the songs in the children’s songs and the folk songs sections are in the public domain. The arrangements and graphics are mine.
  • Better Guitar Chords The guitar chords are more legible in this edition. They are bigger and clearer and printed in color. All of the chords are simple ones that beginning guitarists can play.