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Here is the pdf to download the complete list of  SONGS ALL SPANISH STUDENTS NEED TO KNOW.

This is a collection of songs that students need to hear and be able to sing before they leave each level of Spanish class.  YouTube renderings of these songs are found on the links below.  Lyrics, guitar chords, notes and graphics for most of these songs can be found in the book Songs for Spanish Class, and can be purchased as an e-book download.

When you pre-teach the words before you sing, songs become an ideal teaching tool:  fun, repeated, comprehensible input.  Build up a repertoire with your students and you can sing the whole class period!

These songs are Folksongs, Spanish Standards, Children’s Songs or Enduring Popular Songs. All are part of Hispanic culture and/or the general Spanish class experience. Nothing new or trendy here, these are the enduring classics that you can use again next year.

Songs Spanish I Students Need to Know:

  1. Buenos Días (Basic Greetings, lots of repetition)

(Frere Jacques Tune)

        Little kid singing:

        Piano/Flute Instrumental:

  1. Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas y Pies (Body parts, gets them moving, familiar and fun)

(Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes)

           From Costa Rica:

        Karaoke w lyrics:              

  1. El Joqui Poqui (Body parts, gets them moving, familiar and fun)

(The Hokey Pokey)

        Karaoke w lyrics:

  1. Tío Pancho (Vowel sounds, animal sounds)

(Old MacDonald)


  1. Pin Pon (Authentic children’s song; reflexive verbs; referred                                                                                                  to in the Spanish version of “Shrek”)

        Version w simple graphics:  

        Gingerbread Man mentions Pin Pon in Shrek:              

  1. De Colores

        Pete Seeger:

  1. Cumpleaños Feliz / Sapo Verde

(Happy Birthday Song)

        Pillino el Payasito:

        Honduran versión:

  1. Las Mañanitas

Pedro Infante:

Dora the Explorer:

  1. Eres Tú

Justo Lamas w lyrics:


  1. One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song

        Subtitled in English & Spanish:

Spanish I Alternatives/Extras

  1. Los Pollitos (Simple authentic children’s song.  Good basic                                                                                            vocabulary in the present tense

        Guia Infantil:

  1. Hay un amigo en mi (simple version)             (This was in Toy Story 3—takes advantage of                                                                                                             familiarity and popularity.  Basic vocabulary)

        Toy Story 3 opening:

        Simple version Lyrics:

        Simple version:

        Buzz & Jessie dancing:

  1. Naranja Dulce

        Rondas Infnatiles:

        Homer Simpson:

  1. Arroz con leche

Version w simple graphics:


Songs Spanish II Students Need to Know:

  1. La Bamba (They have heard it and will want to know what it means)


Richie Valens version w/lyrics:

  1. La Araña Pequeñita (Fun, familiar, active, preterite)

W lyrics:

W lyrics and graphics:

  1. El Barco Chiquito (Numbers, repetitive, imperfect and preterit)

Claudia de Colombia:

Cuento Cuentos Salvat:

  1. Los Elefantes (Numbers, active, inclusive, imperfect and preterit)

Cuidado Infantil:


  1. La Cucaracha                                 (Classic Mexican folksong)

Mariachi versión (fast):

W lyrics (not standard version):

Edited version:

  1. La Rana debajo del Agua (Simple, repetitive, reinforces past tense)

Simple versión w guitar:

  1. María Isabel (Romantic, imperfect and preterit, la playa!)

Los Payos (con letra):

Karaoke versión:

  1. Cielito Lindo (Classic folksong, romantic, well-know even in U.S.)

Karaoke versión:

Mariachi Vargas:

  1. El Rancho Grande (Classic folksong, romantic, well-know even in U.S.)

Jorge Negrete:

Freddy Fender:

Gene Autry:


Songs Spanish III Students Need to Know:

  1. La Llorona (Classic folksong, ties in with the legend)

Joan Baez:

From the movie Frida:

Yolanda Ortega:

  1. Guantanamera                                 (Classic folksong, romantic, well-know even in U.S.)

Pete Seeger:

Julio Iglesias:

  1. Sabor a mí (Classic folksong, romantic, well-know even in U.S.)

Trío los Panchos:

Luís Miguel:

  1. Que será

Girl w guitar:

Diego Torrres:

José Feliciano:

  1. El Reloj

Luis Miguel:

Los Panchos:

Los Pasteles Verdes:

José Feliciano:

  1. Bésame mucho

Andrea Boccelli:

American Idol version:

Guitar instrumental:

  1. Piel canela

Eydie Gorme y Trio Los Panchos:

Bobby Capo:

  1. Gatatumba


                Middle School Choir:

  1. Ojalá que llueva café

Juan Luís Guerra:

Voice w guitar:

  1. Volaré The Gypsy Kings sang this on Dancing with the Stars; also on the                                                                      ending credits of Toy Story 3;  Future tense.

        Gypsy Kings w Toy Story video:

        Gypsy Kings in Spain:

Spanish III Alternatives/Extras

  1. El Condor Pasa

        Plácido Domingo:

  1. El Rey

        Vicente Fernández classic:

Luis Miguel: