It’s interview time again. All over the country administrative teams are sitting through tedious interviews with world language teacher candidates, smiling benignly and trying to stay awake. But help is here! This handy Buzzword Bingo card makes interviewing fun again. Simply mark every time one of the dubious, outdated or ineffective teaching practices on the card is mentioned or implied to weed out candidates the fun way. The first interviewer that gets a BINGO and works the word “bingo” into a comment or question wins! Hesitation, blank looks or omissions by the interviewee when answering questions also count, so pay close attention, and good luck finding candidates that use effective SLA strategy and practice!


NOTE ON ABSOLUTISM: Using some of these practices occasionally does not mean you are a bad teacher. The trick is to break the cycle of ineffective practice. We want to be moving away from these. I admit to having used some of them when time-crunched, tired, or preparing students to transition to a legacy methods teacher, but that is not the way we should habitually teach. Still… hearty advocacy of some of the least effective of these practices is a red flag., your trusted source for educational satire.