These contraseñas are ones that we have used to enter the class this year. They are well-known Spanish cultural sayings, quotes by famous Spanish speakers, phrases that require a subjunctive, useful idiomatic expressions, or just for fun. Write in  Spanish. (Answers and commentary will be shared in an upcoming blog here.)




  1. “Little by little one goes far.”                     _
  2. I was born the (#) of (month) of the year (#).
  3. “Zamora was not won in an hour.”                            
  4. What English saying conveys a similar message?
  5. I forgot! / It forgot me!
  6. It left me. / It went away from me.

I hope that...                                  Write 3 sentences with this phrase:

  1. _
  2. _
  3. _

I don’t believe that…                 Write 3 sentences with this phrase:

  1. _
  2. _
  3. _
  4. “Whoever gets up early, God helps.”                       
  5. Said and done!
  6. “From the said to the done, there is a great distance.”
  7. “Speaking of the king of Rome, and through the door he appears/shows up/peeps.”                                              
  8. What is the historical relevance of this phrase?
  9. “Time is gold.”
  10. “A powerful gentleman is [Title of respect] Money.”
  11. Where does this phrase come from?                    
  12. When I had money, they called me Don Thomas…
  13.    …now that I don’t have it, they call me Thomas, nothing more.”
  14. I am so glad! / That makes me so happy!
  15. “Computers are useless. They can only give us answers.”
  16. Who said it ?
  17. Don’t bother me! / Quit bugging me!                        
  18. “If at the beginning you do not show who you are,

           you will never be able to afterwards when you want to.”

  1. Where does this ↑ phrase come from?
  2. “There where you may go [in the future], do that which you may see [in the future].”
  3. “Who laughs last, laughs best.
  4. “There is no bad that through good might not come.”
  5. “Only an idiot can be totally happy.”                    
  6.  Who said it?
  7. Rapid run the cars, the cars of the railroad.
  8. That’s exactly right! / Literally: “That, yes, that is it!”
  9. As I eat little cocoa, I buy little cocoa.
  10. Three sad tigers, threshed wheat in a wheat field.

It bothers me when…                        Write 3 sentences with this phrase:  

  1. __
  2. _
  3. _
  4. “In a closed mouth, flies do not enter.”
  5. “Better a bird in the hand, than one hundred flying.”
  6. “Although the monkey dresses in silk, a monkey it remains.”

I didn’t realize that…               Write 3 sentences with this phrase:

  1. _
  2. _
  3. _
  4. “To bad weather/time, good face.