This book will make your life easier and your teaching more effective. It is a compilation of the best comprehension checks for reading that I have discovered over 30 years of teaching and researching Free Voluntary Reading with my students. Whether you call it FVR, Sustained Silent Reading or Light Reading, when students read on their own magic happens. When it is taught well, self-selected reading is the best way to differentiate instruction and engage students. This book will show you how to do it–even with reluctant readers.

With these best trade secrets from expert reading teachers you will be able to encourage your students and check to see what they are understanding as they read.

There are explanations of the research and descriptions of how to implement a successful reading program that you will find nowhere else, plus forms and reading reports that will not kill student enthusiasm for reading. Get it here instantly in a convenient eBook format, which includes permission to make copies for the students in your classroom:

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