Learn strategies that work for sustainable comprehensible-input based teaching with Bryce’s comprehensive one-day seminar: Best, Most Powerful Strategies for Teaching World Languages (Grades 6-12). Bryce will be presenting five seminars across the country this spring:

• 4/09/18 (Monday) Buffalo (Amherst), New York

• 4/10/18 (Tuesday) Boston (Natick), Massachusetts

• 4/30/18 (Monday) Fresno, California

• 5/01/18 (Tuesday) Sacramento (Elk Grove), California

• 5/02/18 (Wednesday) Seattle (Bellevue), Washington

Easy Ways to Register:    Register Online: www.iedseminars.org

Phone Toll Free: 1-800-260-8180

Preview the TABLE OF CONTENTS  from the 125 page complimentary book that all seminar attendees will receive, filled with the best trade secrets for successful and sustainable world language teaching that Bryce has learned and developed over years of teaching at all levels. This seminar will benefit ALL world language teachers (not just Spanish). Learn new strategies and see how to use what you already know how to do in a different ways.

Get your students reading voluntarily, speaking spontaneously, and treating one another respectfully as part of a focused learning community, all while preserving your time, your voice and your sanity.

If you know Bryce, you know that all strategies will be research-based and use comprehensible input-based teaching. Learn the ways that Bryce has discovered to have happy and productive students without burning out in the process.

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