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Nuttsville, VA—Nuttsville High School teacher Brigitte Jansen has been fired. Jansen had been placed in a temporary position as Physical Education teacher after a parent group complained about her conduct in French classes. Jansen had been under investigation by the school board for requiring Nuttsville students in her French classes to speak French. She also reportedly had been using “too much French” in her classes.

When she was transferred to the P.E. position during the investigation, students in Jansen’s classes began complaining again almost immediately. They reported that she was requiring them to be physically active and move in Phys Ed class. The situation was deemed intolerable by district administrators and Jansen was dismissed.

“I feel partly responsible.” said Chuck Roberts, Nuttsville principal, “It was a mistake to put an obviously unqualified teacher in that position. We just figured she would let the kids play dodgeball every day so that the unathletic kids could just sit and text. We never imagined she would ask students to move during P.E. class.”


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