LOS ANGELES, CA—One silver lining to the limited auto traffic due to the corona virus quarantine is that skies are clearing and the mountain of evidence for teaching with comprehensible input is now clearly visible. Reduced emissions have revealed the overwhelming piles of research indicating that people acquire language by comprehensible input (C.I.).

The giant stack of studies has been there and has been growing for more than 40 years, but it was not clear to all before now. In the past, some world language publishers, university professors and classroom teachers imagined that the enormous stack of evidence for C.I. either did not exist, or that it was different than it obviously is due to the limited visibility—but no more. Now everyone can see it.

Stephen Krashen, whose years of tireless scholarship have contributed to the overwhelming evidence that languages are acquired by comprehensible input, wiped a tear from his eye, as he looked at Mount C.I., as it is being called, and choked out, “I always dreamed the day would come when everyone could see it clearly,” in 13 languages.

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