We are here to help you get across this tough time with FREE resources.

Click here for the link to sign up with Storylabs and to connect with the Facebook Live event on Monday, March 3o at 1:00 pm Pacific.

I have teamed up with author Virginia Hildebrand and Storylabs to offer Spanish teachers help.  You can choose from a variety of levels and themes, all organized and easy to link to your virtual classroom.

Other languages coming soon.

There are readings and activities for many levels:

• Whole novels for upper levels

• Beginner readings with sheltered vocabulary using the most useful high frequency words

• Embedded (scaffolded) readings to bring students along bit by bit

• Cultural and geographical readings

Our app will even read these materials aloud as your students read along. All have been classroom tested and havre been interesting to students. You can pick and choose to suit your students and your unique situation, or use it as you online curriculum.