March 10, 2019

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA ─ An astounding 89.3% of professionals change their minds as the direct result of public shaming and derogatory remarks by colleagues, a report in Innovation Diffusion Quarterly confirmed Monday.

“Our research supports what many have long suspected,” an innovator told reporters. “Accusing, blaming and condescending remarks are far more effective than outdated methods such as kindness, listening and trying to understand concerns, or simply explaining the implications of research.”

According to the study, the persuasive effect is the most pronounced when the debater uses harsh language and continually puts down the doubter on social media. Further, the study shows that constant disparaging putdowns are best for diffusing new ideas throughout a profession.

“Other means of persuading, such as accusing, belittling, berating, complaining, degrading, deploring, despising, disdaining and dismissing are energizing and enormously effective,” emphasized the innovator, “and that’s just the beginning of the persuasion alphabet!”

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