Eres Tu Valentine’s Day Activity

This is an activity for the majority of students that feel the vomit rise in their mouth when they see over-the-top Valentine’s Day expressions of puppy lust. All. Day. Long. It’s been a hit with students for years.

Use it as a brain break or as an activity to teach the original song Eres Tú to your students and allow them to have fun with the language (and their inner evil emperor.

Think of it as an “Occupy Valentine’s Day” activity for the 99% of students that do not have a romantic partner and feel awkward and unwanted on Valentine’s Day. It is compelling and differentiated.

This activity includes lyrics and YouTube links to the original song Eres Tú by the Spanish singing group Mocedades. there are guitar chords, 2 cloze activities for the original song, and lists of disagreeable words in Spanish to help students make up their own non-romantic lyrics in Spanish.