It’s here! I have been working on this book for a year and a half, (well, actually, my whole career). And it’s finally done.

This is the best of what I teach teachers. It is some of the best work I have ever written, a distillation of all my years successfully teaching reading at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels.

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These ideas work—with reluctant readers, with avid readers, with beginners, and with advanced students. I’ve taught them all and I’ve had success with all of them using these methods.

This book is for world language teachers, heritage language teachers, ELL teachers and EFL teachers.

Here’s what leading language teachers are saying about this monumental work:

“I can’t think of anyone more well-suited to write this book. Bryce Hedstrom has been refining his classroom-tested, innovative reading strategies for 30 years. This book is a must-have for any language teacher who is interested in implementing a robust reading program.”

—Jim Wooldridge (Señor Wooly),

“If you could read just one book on reading strategies in the world language classroom, Hi-Impact Reading Strategies is it. Bryce’s book is deeply insightful, impressively practical and useful. The strategies outlined will not only improve your teaching in the classroom, but they will also build your students’ confidence and improve their performance. Thank you, Bryce, for sharing your expertise with language educators everywhere.”

—Eric Richards, German Teacher, ACTFL National Teacher of the Year Finalist, Author, Teacher Trainer 

“Great interactive manual to share reading strategies to L2 teachers with activities, methods to share with learners, numerous tips, pictures, assessment sheets, online sources and book references. Bryce’s experience will give teachers a solid understanding and practical suggestions to make reading a meaningful and successful part of students’ language acquisition journey.”

—Frédérique Grim, PhD, Professor of French and Second Language Pedagogy, Colorado State University

“An extremely practical book for every language teacher looking to get students into good reading habits. Bryce Hedstrom takes the best of what teachers are already doing, and the most useful findings from research, to offer the why’s and how’s in learner-appropriate reading.”

—Reed Riggs, PhD, Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher and Author, research in the language  

“Teachers often have questions about exactly how to create a classroom library or how to start and sustain a guided sustained silent reading program. The bigger questions are why it’s so important and how much it contributes to student language acquisition.  This is the first book that merges the research on the value of reading and the practical nuts and bolts of how to create successful pleasure reading habits.  If you’d ever hoped to find all of the aggregated knowledge from books, research, workshops and boots-on-the-ground teachers in one place, this book is like peeking inside of Bryce’s brain. Everything he knows about teaching reading, as well as anything any teacher or administrator would ever need to know, is within these pages, down to how to strengthen book bindings so your classroom library lasts longer. Whether you’re reading it cover to cover or using the index to hop around to the chapters you need, this is the ultimate resource.”

—Karen Rowan, Author, Reader’s Theater for the World Language Classroom and the Isabela series of comprehensible readers; speaker and trainer on comprehension-based language teaching

“An outstanding resource of the what, why and how of implementing a robust reading program in the world language classroom. Teachers in their first year or in their twenty-first-year teaching will gain new insights and discover concrete ideas to use starting tomorrow.” 

—Connie Navarro, French Teacher & Peer Observer for World Languages, Denver Public Schools

“Bryce’s contributions to the world of language acquisition continue to amaze me. I appreciate how Bryce distills wise ideas into specifics that make my teaching stronger and allow me to understand my students better.”

—Michele Whaley, Russian Teacher, Finalist for ACTFL National Teacher of the Year

“This book provides a wealth of topics for teachers, applied linguists and language specialists interested in knowing ‘how to’ of reading.  All the sections of the book are of great value. However, the most intriguing section for me is 4 High-Impact Reading Strategies, in which I have learned more about reading practices geared towards subconscious acquisition. The book is very well written, logically structured and a pleasure to study and read. This is also a ‘must’ book for any teacher whose aim is to teach second or foreign languages effectively, in or out of classroom context.”

—Vedat Kiymazarslan, MA-TEFL, M.Ed., EFL Teacher, Izmir, Turkey

Get your copy here today and get your students acquiring language as they read willingly, avidly, and well.