Talking about things that matter is the goal of language teaching. One thing that matters is SCIENCECÓMO LO SABÍAN Excerpt is a chapter from my  best-selling book Conexiones: Making Connections with the Spanish-Speaking World. This article explains in simple Spanish how ancient peoples all around the world (pun intended) knew that the earth was a sphere. They did it by careful observation and reason.

This is a fun unit to discuss with students because many cannot imagine that this would be possible without space travel or ancient astronauts. This is one of only three articles in Conexiones that does not explicitly deal with places or events in the Spanish-speaking world. All three of those articles have to do with science and Spanish.

We will be discussing these round-earth proofs in Spanish at the regular meeting at Backyard Tap in Loveland (323 N. Railroad Ave., Loveland CO, 80537) on Tuesday, July 6 starting around 6:00 pm. Come on by, if you can! Spanish learners of all ability levels are welcome!

You can get Conexiones here: