After two years away prom is back. But is prom worth it? Here’s how to structure an activity in the target language and engage disinterested students.

This is an activity that I have done with Spanish 2 – AP classes. It’s about how much prom costs: LOS GASTOS DEL PROM.

This is compelling input, my friends. It combines numbers, personal values and real life decisions — all overlaid with popular adolescent culture. And hope. You can show them that they need not spend a fortune and they can go alone, with a partner or, as my own children always did, in big groups.

Students have always gotten a kick out of it and it generated lively classroom discussions in the target language — plus the predictable sighs, moaning, rolling of the eyes and snorts of derision. Hands would be up all around the room vying to express their opinions.

Take a look and see how you can make it work for your students. You can differentiate it to different levels by simplifying the vocabulary. You’ll be glad you did.