This is palindrome week. Every date from 2/20/22 to 2/28/22 is a palindrome – it reads the same backwards and forwards.

Have you ever tried using palindromes with your Spanish students? A couple of well-known palindromes in English are race car and Madam, I’m Adam.

Here are some SPANISH PALINDROMES, which have lists and activities with answers.  They’re fun! This could be a good activity or brain break.

Another word for palindrome in Spanish is capicúa, which comes from Catalán. This word is composed of cap (cabeza) y cua (cola), indicating the beginning and the end of the word or phrase are the same. Thanks to Ana Tijerina for mentioning this!

Here are a few phrases in English that are palindromes in Spanish. They go from easy to more difficult. How many can you get?


red eye

to recognize

the natural route

blue light

I am going

I love the dove

Give rice to the female fox, Ed

Jump that atlas

Are we or aren’t we?

I give you a bit of everything

How many did you get? Have your students try them out. If they have trouble coming up with the palindrome in Spanish, coach them to write just a word or two that they recognize both forwards and also backwards. That will prompt the other words.

For more see these SPANISH PALINDROMES lists and activities.