Introducing the Subjunctive with a Story

Introducing the Subjunctive with a Story

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NOTE:  This is from a unit that teaches the subjunctive with a story-based approach and compelling comprehensible input. You can get the entire unit here. The example in from a Spanish 3 class, but the principles apply to any language and any level. FOCUS STRUCTURE:         quiere que vaya [...]

iFLT Conference #5: Carol Hill’s Observations

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Here is an observation of the learning lab at iFLT by Carol Hill (perhaps better known to many blog readers as "Chill") a French teacher from New Jersey, who attended the sessions for two days. I recently attended the iFLT conference in Breckenridge, Colorado where I was able to watch teachers [...]

iFLT Conference #4: Observations by Michele Whaley

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This was posted on Michele Whaley's blog,  Michele came to observe one of my learning lab sessions at iFLT a couple of weeks ago and posted her observations about it yesterday. Bryce Hedstrom’s 2012 iFLT by MJ I’m finally going to follow through on my promise to tell about Bryce’s [...]

Introducing the Subjunctive with a Story #10

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NOTE:  This is part #10 of an extended series of posts which explains and models building a story with the aim of developing a feel for the subjunctive in students.  Below is the story that was described in posts #1 through #9.  There were also 3 other stories built by different classes that [...]


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