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Laura, a beginning teacher, writes: "I would love to use some of your books and start some FVR, How do I do that if the school doesn't have extra money to buy books for FVR and books to read together?" Good question, and one that I get asked a [...]


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(This article was originally published in the International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (IJFLT), Summer, 2005 edition under the title Another Win for Harry Potter: More Evidence of the Value of Free Reading. I'm still learning from this kid.) Here is the article in a pdf format. Have you [...]

Quantity Beats Quality

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(This is a excerpt from my book and workshop: Hi-Impact Reading Strategies: How to Accelerate Fluency and Proficiency with Reading. Get the book in hard copy here and the eBook here.) When designing your Independent Reading Program this year, consider this. An interesting experiment is described in the book [...]


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Multilevel Classes? Junk May Be the Answer Every class is a multilevel class. The schedule may say students are all in level 1 and have been placed in the appropriate class, but reading levels are all over the place, or soon will be. When the spread becomes wide, how [...]

New Book by John Sifert

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La decisión más peligrosa, by John Sifert Book Review by Jennifer Degenhardt If you have not heard of this book yet, please let this serve as your introduction. GET IT NOW! (Click here) This second-in-the-series book by John Sifert is...WOW! The story has some new characters than the first [...]

Hi-Impact Reading Strategies

By |2021-09-15T22:04:42-06:00September 15th, 2021|

It's here! I have been working on this book for a year and a half, (well, actually, my whole career). And it's finally done. This is the best of what I teach teachers. It is some of the best work I have ever written, a distillation of all my [...]


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