Sheltering Vocabulary

DARMOK: The Power of Metaphor & Cultural Stories

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NOTE: I've been teaching Latin almost exclusively with Roman myths lately - with very positive results. I shared this Darmok activity some time ago. Since this technique is working so well, it bears repeating. Download the updated Darmok classroom activity here. If you love science fiction, like I do, [...]


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If you have done a project like this with your students, please add your advice to the comment section below. Funding a classroom library can be challenging. Here are some ways to do that: While you are waiting for your funds to come in, take a look at the [...]


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A reader of this blog asks: I'm curious to know, do you have a criterion or standard of what grammar should be included in level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4 books? Our general standards for grammar follow the levels in a traditional grammar syllabus with a [...]


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Excerpts from the book and workshop Hi-Impact Reading Strategies by Bryce Hedstrom. Authentic texts (or too difficult texts) do not allow students to read for meaning. “The use of authentic texts with learners often has an effect opposite to that intended: instead of helping the reader to read for [...]

Hi-Impact Reading Strategies

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It's here! I have been working on this book for a year and a half, (well, actually, my whole career). And it's finally done. This is the best of what I teach teachers. It is some of the best work I have ever written, a distillation of all my [...]

Start the School Right and Get Students Reading

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This just-published unit can be the first full story of the school year for a Spanish I class. It can be told at the beginning of the second or third week of class, or it can be saved until later. It explains how to get students reading right away. [...]


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