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The legend of La Llorona comes alive in this adaptation of the popular Mexican folktale. Now even beginning students can read and experience a real story from the culture—all in easy-to-read Spanish.

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The Power of Cognates

The Power of Cognates Ebook

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This Month’s Featured Author

John Sifert

John Sifert

John Sifert has been a Spanish teacher in Iowa and Texas for the past 25 years. His focus in the classroom is to provide comprehensible input through stories, novels, and song. He is also passionate about teaching students about life-long skills such as perseverance, respect, and kindness. John has presented at ACTFL, IWLA, CI Iowa, KSWLA, Comprehended!, and CI Reboot.

John also creates a variety of classroom materials and is the author of La isla más peligrosa, La decisión más peligrosa, Seis nombres, with several other novels in the works.

Nothing is more important than family, so when not focused on language acquisition, John spends all his free time with his wife and 5 children in the tiny, (but amazing) town of Belmond, Iowa.

“World language teachers teach the world more than language.”