EBOOK-El cuento trágico de Mark (Level 4-AP; Intermediate Low-Intermediate Mid)

EBOOK-El cuento trágico de Mark (Level 4-AP; Intermediate Low-Intermediate Mid)


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Teaching Complex Grammar, The Past Subjunctive

This is an extended example of introducing the past perfect subjunctive and conditional perfect to Spanish IV or AP students. It offers an extensive story development and explanation which will help upper level instructors that are new to CI, and it can also supply veteran teachers to deliver compelling, personalized comprehensible input to their students and help them to acquire this complex grammar. Includes questions and answers about this specific example by veteran teachers that are new to this method. Complete Spanish versions of two stories built with this method in an upper level class are also included to use as extended readings and models. Permission to make copies for your classroom with purchase. 23 pages.

“I had the hardest time wrapping my mind around how to teach advanced levels until I looked at a lesson plan on Bryce Hedstrom’s website, El cuento trágico de Mark.”  —Mike Peto, California

Although the story is in Spanish, the questions and answers in this training resource will apply to any language course.


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