EBOOK-Teacher’s Guide for Caras vemos (by Theresa Jensen)

EBOOK-Teacher’s Guide for Caras vemos (by Theresa Jensen)


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Everything you need to help your students get the most out of the novel, Caras vemos! Your students’ “Caras vemos” experience will be enriched and they will have fun at the same time! You will likely walk away with many ideas you will want to use with other novels or lessons in the future.


  • Comprehension questions: 187 comprehension questions in both Spanish and English
  • Answer key for above questions (in English)
  • Suggestions for creative uses of above questions
  • Running dictations: detailed description of how to implement, with 6 games included – 3 novice high, 3 intermediate level
  • Culture activities: choose from (or do both!) a crossword and a word search with Spanish clues for terms used in the book
  • Answer keys: answer keys for the crossword and word search
  • Escrupulos: Scruples game with directions for play and 24 cards of scenarios requiring students put themselves in the place of Caras vemos characters. The cards are done multiple choice style instead of open-ended. This gives students more repetitions to help them acquire the conditional tense, but is also comprehensible to novice high level students.
  • Word clouds: One for the entire book and one for each chapter (14 total). Can be used for pre-reading vocabulary building, as well as predicting what may happen each chapter. Included: a link to a Word doc with all the vocabulary arranged by chapter in order of frequency


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