EBOOK-Teacher’s Guide for pero corazones no sabemos (by Theresa Jensen)

EBOOK-Teacher’s Guide for pero corazones no sabemos (by Theresa Jensen)


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Put the joy back in teaching a novel with all these resources for the class novel …pero corazones no sabemos! Whether you are using it with novice high/Spanish 2 or intermediate students in Spanish 3 or 4, you have many choices at your fingertips! Select from plenty of activities to help students get to know the characters, build intercultural competence, dig into the serious and relevant themes addressed, as well as reflect and grow personally.


  • Pre-reading activities – there are 3 unique and engaging discussion activities (can also be done in writing), with both Spanish and English to choose from
  • Comprehension questions – 171 comprehension questions, in both Spanish and English
  • Suggestions for creative uses of above questions
  • Multimedia interactive cultural notes – Google slides with 34 slides to bring to life the places in the book, as well as to explore cultural customs from the book, discussion questions, short videos, recipes, dance tutorials and more!
  • Breakout rooms/Stations – discussion questions for 15 discussion groups/breakout rooms or stations, in both Spanish and English to suit your level
  • Who said it? ¿Quién lo dijo? – Google slides activity, one per chapter, for students to match Spanish speech bubbles with the character likely to have said them
  • Refranes – there are few ways better than using popular Spanish sayings to sound more like a native speaker in the language! There are 18 popular refranes included, along with a cloze activity and 3 digital resources.
  • Word clouds – One for each chapter (15 total). Can be used for pre-reading vocabulary building, as well as predicting what may happen each chapter.
  • Answer keys – Complete answer keys for all of the activities included in this guide.
  • Easy navigation – the pdf you receive with all of the ready-to-print activities and digital links has links throughout to make navigation a snap. Click on the pages in the Table of Contents and it will take you where you want to go. At the bottom of every page is a link back to the table of contents!


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