EBOOK-Teacher’s Guide for #Yotambien (by Theresa Jensen)

EBOOK-Teacher’s Guide for #Yotambien (by Theresa Jensen)


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Tons of resources to choose from to teach #yotambien as a class novel! Whether you are using it with true novices in Spanish 1 or intermediate students in Spanish 4, you have many choices at your fingertips! Select from plenty of activities to help students get to know the characters, expand their vocabulary, dig into the serious and relevant themes addressed, as well as reflect and grow personally.


  • Comprehension questions: 209 comprehension questions, in both Spanish and English
  • Suggestions for creative uses of above questions
  • Breakout rooms/Stations: discussion questions for 5-6 breakout rooms or stations, in both Spanish and English to suit your level
  • Digital tools: 29 digital activities on 6 different platforms, in addition to audio activities (below). This includes vocabulary games and review activities, in addition to reading comprehension activities and quizzes, templates and digital manipulatives. An interactive pre-reading lesson is included. Other examples of activities are matching statements with characters, eliminating adjectives to create character profiles, and the option of writing descriptions of scenes from the story. Slides with all 43 hand drawn illustrations are provided.
  • Audio activities: Includes 14 listening comprehension exercises. Each exercise has links to audio in 3 different speeds, for a total of 42 audio files. Audio is authentic, recorded by a Puerto Rican female and Spanish male. Students will listen and highlight, correct errors in short passages, fill in blanks (cloze activities) and rearrange sentences to match what they hear.
  • Word clouds: One for each chapter (11 total). Can be used for pre-reading vocabulary building, as well as predicting what may happen each chapter.
  • Running dictations: detailed description of how to implement.


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