With studying, taking care of her siblings, filling in for her absent mother, and listening to every rule her father puts in place, Victoria needs a break–and a REAL social life.  When Victoria’s friends invite her to join their amateur ghost-hunting team, she jumps at the opportunity. Living in St. Augustine, Florida, there’s plenty of ghost stories and folklore to keep them busy until graduation.  And truthfully, Victoria could use some excitement in her life.

But when the crew gets a lead on a possible ghost-sighting at Castillo San Marcos, they have to act fast. Armed with a map and equipment to measure paranormal activity, they navigate through dark and gloomy tunnels in search of a secret chamber.

However, their exploration is halted by a piercing scream that stops them dead in their tracks.  They quickly realize they’re out of their league–and one member short. What starts off as a simple ghost hunt unfolds into something more terrifying than they imagined. Mystified, they must determine if they’re hunting ghosts or are they the ones being hunted?

  • Targeted Level:
    • Level 3
    • Unique Word Count: 331
    • Total Word Count: 13,675