A Novel for Spanish Language Learners:

“La tutora de español” is a comprehensible romantic comedy written in the past tense for levels 2+. The book contains illustrations, footnotes and a glossary for comprehensibility and engagement. This book was written for a dual-enrollment high school/college course. Blake is a college freshman. Isadora is a Chilean volleyball player. To communicate with Isadora, Blake enlists the help of Lupe, a Mexican American student. Will his Spanish tutor help him achieve the results he wants?


Blake is struggling with Spanish. He just can’t seem to understand it or how it connects to his life. That is until he meets Isadora Rojas, a beautiful Chilean volleyball player who doesn’t speak any English. Suddenly Blake has found a desire to learn, or as his professor puts it, “ganas”. With the help of his tutor, Blake finds confidence in his Spanish ability. But will Blake learn enough to impress Isadora? Or will Blake discover something even more wonderful than he had planned?

Targeted Level:

  • Level 2+
  • Unique Word Count: 600
  • Total Word Count: 10,969