Las apariencias engañan (by A.C. Quintero) Unique Word Count 350

Las apariencias engañan (by A.C. Quintero) Unique Word Count 350


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Las apariencias engañan is an engaging and comprehensible novel for Spanish levels 3. The story features a 300-word glossary, in addition to engaging pictures that tell the tantalizing tale of 4 teens, caught in their web of lies. Its twist and turns will engage your students from beginning to end. Mostly told in the past tense, this novel features a comprehensible vocabulary with footnotes, so students don’t skip a beat.

All the teens in Buena Vista have secrets, but Camilo’s is the worst of all! As he masquerades as one of the sweetest boys in Buena Vista, his mask starts to crack, and his foundation soon follows. But, he’s not the only one entangled in a web of lies; his secret is only the tip of the iceberg in this cold tale of hidden truths and betrayal. His girlfriend, troubled by his uncanny behavior, sets out on a truth-seeking mission and her discoveries pry open pandora’s box. She discovers that Camilo is living a double life; but, he isn’t the only one with compromising secrets. His house harbors a bigger secret that has haunted the town for years. This compelling story reveals the timeless truths that: things are never what they seem, or “Las apariencias engañan.”


Targeted Level:

  • Level 3/4
  • Unique Word Count: 350
  • Total Word Count: 10,700




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