Las sombras (by A.C. Quintero) Unique Word Count 500

Las sombras (by A.C. Quintero) Unique Word Count 500


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Andrés is throwing the party of the century! But, it is quickly upstaged by the weird, mysterious, and threatening events taking place in the forest surrounding his house. Dark clouds blanket the sky and an ominous atmosphere grips the town of Buena Vista. Secrets are peeled by back layer by layer, exposing sinister plots soaked in paranormal activity…and this is only the beginning. When a high school student is murdered and another disappears it’s no wonder the residents of Buena Vista are on edge!

No one feels the anguish more than Andrés and his friends. Confused, helpless, and torn apart by betrayal, will they be able to look past their rivalries in order to solve the unfolding mysteries? The answers to their questions may be found in the trail of clues left behind, clues that will only be discovered if they work together and look hard enough.

Las Sombras: Corre y No Mires Atrás is a page-turning, thrill-seeking adventure that will entertain each reader and keep them begging for more!

Targeted Level:

  • Level 3
  • Unique Word Count: 500
  • Total Word Count: 18, 000


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