Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!! is a title that plays on the meaning of the word Mosca. ¿Mosca? Mosca means ‘fly’ in Spanish. But when a Venezuelan says: ¡¡Mosca!!, it simply means ‘Look out!’, ‘Be careful!’ Something bad may happen.

Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!! means ‘Fly, look out!’ Yes, in this adorable and beautifully illustrated story, our fly is in trouble!

In La Bonanza, the biggest open-air landfill in Venezuela, lives Mosca. Mosca is a common fly with an uncommon problem: she is a one-eyed fly. Mosca is a fly that can’t even fly straight! Mosca lives amid the garbage and collects trash for a living. But Mosca has a dream: she wants to be a great circus performer. ‘Pathetic loser!’ all the other insects say. Poor Mosca! But dreams are treasures… And sometimes we can find treasures in trash.

This is a book in the Por Si Las Moscas series.

Cara de mosquita muerta (by Adriana Ramírez )
Soy yo, la mosca (by Adriana Ramírez) 
Mosca en leche (by Margarita Pérez García)
En boca cerrada no entran moscas (by Adriana Ramírez)


Targeted Level:

  • Level 1
  • Unique Word Count: 60
  • Total Word Count: 2,600