Pablo is a pigeon in search of his destiny. From a Babe Ruth home run to the front lines of WWII, Pablo is on a mission to discover, where his passions & talents meet the world’s needs.

For generations, the pigeons in Pablo’s family have held important roles in the history of the world. They’ve served in royal courts, been painted by famous painters, set world records and won races. In times of peace, they carried messages of love and betrayal. In times of war, they’ve flown behind enemy lines with secret messages. Now, in 1940’s New York City, pigeons are seen as rats with wings. The rise of technologies like the radio and television mean that people no longer have a need for talented pigeons.

Based loosely on real events, this is an action-packed story written for novice learners of the Spanish language.

Targeted Level:

  • Level 1
  • Unique Word Count: 73
  • Total Word Count: 2,020