Soñadores gives a face to the millions of youths that live as undocumented immigrants and brings to light the challenges they face to live a normal life in the United States.

This novella is an Easy Reader for Spanish learners. Third year and four-year students will find it accessible and engaging. The story is written in conversational Spanish, using simple grammatical structures in various forms of the past, and plenty of repetition. A full glossary is included at the end of the book.

Sofía, Rosa, and Antonio are high school seniors who are very different from one another. But they form a special bond when they discover that all three are undocumented minors. Their friendship gets them through when their lives take unexpected turns and together, they accept who they are, join the DREAMers movement, and start fighting for their rights.

Targeted Level:

  • Level 3
  • Unique word count: 680
  • Total word count: 8,300