Stories for Spanish Class

Stories for Spanish Class

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This is a compilation of stories for beginning Spanish classes. Each story can be used as a framework to either tell in your classroom or as material for extended readings. In this collection you will find simplified adaptations of authentic legends (La Llorona) and history (Christopher Columbus, La Batalla de Puebla), and popular culture told as stories. Students like these stories because many of them deal with real teen issues in a funny and exaggerated way. The stories are presented in order of difficulty, so that the teacher can follow them through the school year or use them as supplements to any existing curriculum. The stories parallel the vocabulary and structure development of Blaine Ray’s Look I Can Talk! book. For example, there is an extended reading version of the famous Cuento del Gato, and the urban legend known as “The Mexican Pet” has been adapted to parallel the vocabulary found in La Vaca y el Mono73 pages.


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