teaching the subjunctive with TPRS

Introducing the Subjunctive with a Story

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NOTE:  This is from a unit that teaches the subjunctive with a story-based approach and compelling comprehensible input. You can get the entire unit here. The example in from a Spanish 3 class, but the principles apply to any language and any level. FOCUS STRUCTURE:         quiere que vaya [...]

iFLT Conference #5: Carol Hill’s Observations

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Here is an observation of the learning lab at iFLT by Carol Hill (perhaps better known to many blog readers as "Chill") a French teacher from New Jersey, who attended the sessions for two days. I recently attended the iFLT conference in Breckenridge, Colorado where I was able to watch teachers [...]

iFLT Conference #4: Observations by Michele Whaley

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This was posted on Michele Whaley's blog, http://mjtprs.wordpress.com/.  Michele came to observe one of my learning lab sessions at iFLT a couple of weeks ago and posted her observations about it yesterday. Bryce Hedstrom’s 2012 iFLT by MJ I’m finally going to follow through on my promise to tell about Bryce’s [...]


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These are some further reflections by AshLee, a student at Colorado State University.  I had presented on TPRS in her Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages class and she came to observe in my classroom.  The students in the college class had good questions about teaching with TPRS and AshLee mentions [...]


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I recently did presentations on TPRS at two regional universities.  This is a journal response from AshLee Pray, a Spanish student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The reflections of a teacher-in-training are valuable because they give us glimpses into the thought processes of the next generation of teachers.  AshLee's [...]

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