Over the years at NTPRS Gerry Wass, Michael Miller and I have had to apologize to Garth Brooks, The Village People, Toby Keith and others for using their melodies with TPRS lyrics. Here is another song where we may have to apologize to Brian Wilson. It is dedicated to students and teachers everywhere and it muses about how nice it would be if we could all teach with CI. The result would be more authentic communication in the TL. Less need for lengthy homework. No drills. Real communication.  Wouldn’t it be nice? This year Michelle Kindt added fabulous harmonies.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could talk more?

If language learning didn’t take so long?
And wouldn’t it be nice to chat together

In the kind of class where all belong?

You know its gonna get much better

When we’re all doing C.I. together


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could speak more?

Look into their eyes and not right through?

And after having spent the class together

Not grading their work the whole night through?

What happy times we’d be spending!

We’d wish that every class was never ending!

Wouldn’t it be nice?


Maybe if we think and work and talk

and plan it might come true

Baby then there wouldn’t be a single thing

we couldn’t do


And then we’d be happy!

Wouldn’t it be nice?


You know it seems the more we talk about it

It makes me realize I can’t teach without it

So let’s all get started

Wouldn’t it be nice?

More C.I., my friends

More C.I., my friends