Bryce Hedstrom

Bryce Hedstrom empowers world language teachers with the right training, materials, and support to become confident, successful educators who motivate their students to learn.

Educational Books

As an acclaimed author and educator, Bryce Hedstrom has written numerous books designed to help teachers engage with their students and teach language more effectively. In addition to his own works, Bryce also promotes the sale of books by independent authors whose writings align with his principles of teaching and learning.

Teacher Training

Bryce provides training and support for teachers and administrators through one-on-one coaching, classroom materials, and educational resources. From guest teaching and classroom observations to developing strategies and designing curriculum, Bryce uses hands-on methods and engaging instruction to help educators to become more effective teachers.

Speaking & Teaching Workshops

Bryce is a well-known speaker and regularly presents at regional and national conferences. He loves sharing his knowledge and holds workshops designed to inspire and inform teachers of all levels. Bryce speaks on topics such as comprehensible input-based teaching, classroom management, student engagement, and reading.

May Special

One-On-One Coaching With Bryce

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  • 6 coaching sessions: $519ON SALE FOR $450
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Just like we encourage our students to continue to learn over the summer, we need to do the same! Coaching is informal but effective because it is geared to you and your needs!

This Month’s Featured Author

Craig Klein

Craig Klein

Craig is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, South America. He was born and raised in Cúcuta, a city near the Venezuelan border. Craig has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Spanish Literature, and currently teaches Spanish in the state of Iowa.

He is passionate about teaching the Spanish language through comprehensible input and has created unique approaches to instruction that include current events, culture, storytelling, music, literature, games, art, and more. He is a frequent presenter at many world language conferences and his presentations have been voted as best of the state.

In 2018 Craig was also recognized as Iowa Educator of the year. He is the author of popular Spanish readers such as El ratón Pablito, La familia de Federico Rico, La piñata de Renata, ¡Papacito!, El silbón de Venezuela, El Pombero: Una leyenda paraguaya, Peter va a Colombia, El gorila blanco de Guinea Española, as well as posters, maps, animated videos and other educational materials.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all world language teachers and students to experience hope, engagement, and growth in the classroom.

What Teachers Are Saying About Bryce

Christina Smith Rivera

“I still use a ton of the tricks I learned when we had you come out. I think that was one of the best PD opportunities I have ever had in 21 years of K12 Education, so thanks again!”

Christina Smith Rivera, Maestra de español at Summit High School
Lee Nagel

“As a new teacher, I look for all the information I can to help me teach better—podcast, books, Facebook groups, etc.—but the 3 sessions I had with Bryce have been the single most helpful thing to me and my teaching. Also, I was able to instantly apply the knowledge he gave me in my classes and the difference has been astounding.”

Lee N., Educator

“I don’t always use other teachers’ resources, but when I do it’s probably from Bryce Hedstrom. That’s a Dos Equis joke of course, but it’s also the truth. Bryce’s insights and materials have played a foundational role in the way I teach. I know that a lot of sweat and thought goes into his work, always resulting in high-quality stuff. Speaking of stuff, one of Bryce’s books that I have within arm’s reach is called Stuff for Spanish Class. I’m so glad that book exists. I’m even more glad that Bryce exists, because he is one heckuva person.”

Jim Tripp, Spanish Teacher
Virginia Hildebrandt

“I have had the pleasure of attending several of Bryce Hedstrom’s presentations. Whenever I hear him speak I get something new to help me in the classroom. Bryce is a master at delivering helpful, reality-based strategies that can be applied immediately. His insight into community building, personalization and classroom management make his presentations a must for every World Language teacher!”

Virginia Hildebrandt, Teacher and Author

“Thank you for promoting so many wonderful Indy CI authors in addition to your own excellent resources. Currently we are working to expand a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative here in our district. Your site has such an amazing collection of diverse voices and characters. Wow! Just what we need.”

Gretchen Marshall, Saline Area Schools
Theresa Jensen

“Of all the presenters, Bryce Hedstrom has had the most profound effect on my teaching and my students. I have been able to create true community and connect in a real way with my students by doing passwords, student jobs and special person interviews. Bryce is the master of relationship building and the psychology of motivating students. I have also used his amazing free resources for free voluntary reading and shared them countless times with other teachers who were looking to implement FVR with their students.”

Theresa Jensen, Teacher and Author
Barb Watson

“Bryce has guided my teaching for years! Watching Bryce model immersive language conversations with students in an engaging, positive, and effective way was invaluable! The students participated enthusiastically and retained an incredible amount of information from the day! The training was a huge success! The students wanted Señor Hedstrom to return! Thanks, Bryce! Your strategies bring joy, enthusiasm, and high levels of learning to all levels of second language learning!”

Barb Watson, High School Spanish Teacher
Eric Herman

“I scoured Bryce’s website when I started teaching, soaking in all of the insights and teaching resources. Then, for years, we interacted in online teacher communities where we learned and grew together. Obviously, Bryce has great knowledge and experience, and he takes learning and improving his craft very seriously, but what most stands out to me about Bryce is his humility and generosity. If you are looking for an agent of positive change, then look no further.”

Eric Herman, Acquisition Classroom
Jennifer Degenhardt

“As language teachers, language is important, so when I say that working with Bryce is easy and delightful, I mean it. Bryce is a leader in the field of world language teaching and learning, but he is also attuned to people, both teachers and students, as he wants all parties to find success. As a teacher, teacher educator, presenter, author, business owner and genuine human, Bryce should be the one to be called upon to work with in whatever capacity you need his expertise. He has been so helpful to me and I’m certain he will be for you and/or your school district”

Jennifer Degenhardt, Author

Comprehensible Input (CI) Teaching Methods

Bryce started developing materials, presenting and blogging because:

“It disheartens me to see so many teachers try and then give up because they cannot make all the pieces of their teaching work right away. I also dislike the way that the inertia in education is crushing the dreams of so many gifted teachers and making students think that they are bad at learning.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I want to contribute to solving these problems of discouragement and abandonment of our profession by giving teachers some hope. I believe that success in the classroom is possible; that students can learn and that teachers can be both productive and happy. Comprehensible Input-based methods, solid classroom management, varied reading approaches and fresh student engagement techniques can help us to get there.”

This website is dedicated to training teachers with his blog, helpful links and free materials, as well as his books and other materials.

Bryce Hedstrom, Empowering World Language Teachers

Bryce Hedstrom
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