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I have asked my Spanish I students to do Light Reading in the first semester this year. In the past, only students in levels 2-AP were required to pick a novel and read it that early, but this year the novices were included. Most of these students are 9th graders and most have not had any Spanish before. I provided them with a variety of materials and time to read, and we all sat and read in class. They were allowed to choose anything they wanted as long as it was comprehensible and interesting to them. I explained the “comprehensible” [...]


The administrators at my school were all replaced three years ago and I have been working to explain C.I. based teaching to them with frequent visits in the halls, invitations to come observe and forwarded emails.  I recently was observed by our assistant principal and her comments below give me hope that she is getting it.  I have been concerned about how my TPRS teaching would be evaluated with the new rubrics for teachers we have here in Colorado. I am sharing this not to boast, but to give hope and some strategies for those that are under skeptical scrutiny. . It [...]


Gerry is staring the Persona Especial interviews with his classes this week.  He and I have been discussing this amazing acquisition activity for a few days and he had some good questions about the process: Okay, Bryce, I'm getting a little better grip on this.  Now I'm wondering about the nuts and bolts of this, like how many questions you start with while you are constructing the whole platform and teaching them to answer them.  Since I'm starting this well behind you, I want to be careful to nurture this through the beginning stages when I'm asking them to change and adopt [...]

Here are some questions about incorporating students with special needs in foreign language classes from a college student named Nicolas. I presented on classroom management in his class and he asked if I could answer some further questions. . . My name is Nicolas J. I am a student in Foreign  Language 341 with Dr. Wagner were you presented yesterday. I spoke to you about answering a few questions regarding students with special needs. Please find below the list of questions. I need them for a paper. The assignment was to ask our host teacher and write an essay. I [...]


Part of our weekly routine in Spanish I classes is to do regular free reading.  This is classical Sustained Silent Reading where students select the materials they want to read and then we all sit down and read for 10 minutes.  We do this 2-3 times per week in every class. We do this because students acquire when they are exposed to language that is comprehensible and interesting.  We have been working on high frequency words and familiar topics in our discussions and stories in class and I wanted to see what they could pick up on their own with no help. A couple of [...]


As I think about the upcoming school year I have decided to change the order a bit. I am going be sure to include the most important word that students can learn very early in the process.  This is a word that launches student achievement.  It makes them feel like they belong.  It makes their practice more effective.  It keeps them focused.  It extends their timeline.  It can make them hopeful.  That word is yet. Occasionally we hear students in language classes say, "I am not good at Spanish," or "I do not speak much Spanish" or "I can't do [...]