There is a new reader for level one, La clase de confesiones by Alicia Quintero. This is the first of a two part series. Order it here:

Unique words:  50
Total word count:  3,000
Level 1 – TPRS/Comprehensible Input-Friendly Language Learning Literature

La clase de confesiones is a Spanish level 1 novel. It is written almost entirely in the present tense, with very few minor advanced structures. These structures and expressions are footnoted and detailed in the glossary so students do not skip a beat! The novel features vocabulary related to school such as supplies, classes and, of course, el amor!

Carlos hates his Spanish class with a passion but finds the will to survive when he lays eyes on Jessica. She is the reason he tolerates his boring class. But his secret crush is compromised when his teacher decides to shake things up a bit in class. A simple writing assignment turns out to be a lethal injection to his social life and by extension, his chances with Jessica. When his nosy teacher tries to set him up with Jessica the plan immediately backfires. Then, the unthinkable happens and it turns into one of the most embarrassing moments in Carlos’ life. But all is not lost. If Carlos plays his cards right, he could have a winning hand. Carlos invites you to come along this adventure into La clase de confesiones… todos tienen una confesión (even the teacher!)

Alicia Quintero is a talented teacher and author from Chicago, where she teaches at the prestigious Walter Payton College Preparatory High School, which is consistently ranked among the top ten international schools in the country.