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A new major motion picture about the legend of La Llorona is coming out. The Curse of La Llorona will be in theaters beginning April 19. This legend is compelling input anyway, but the added popularity of the movie will increase student interest even more. Here is an embedded reading (scaffolded) version of the story written with high frequency vocabulary. A step-by-step lesson planning guide for teachers is also available.  It has been very popular and successful with teachers and students. Here are a few images from the book:


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Federal authorities confirmed yesterday that a nationwide class action lawsuit has been filed to sue school districts across the USA for financial compensation to generations of dissatisfied world language students. If the case is successful, thousands of teachers, administrators and school district officials will be held liable for failing to deliver quality instruction and ordered to pay multiple billions of dollars to students that did not acquire language they could use in the real world. Legal experts believe that school districts may be ordered to pay up to $130,000.57 for each affected student. Lawyers seek to prove beyond a [...]


"The soul is contained in the human voice." −Jorge Luís Borges This is one of the most powerful arguments for reading aloud to your students. It is the opening quote in The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction, by Megan Cox Gurdon. Your students need to hear your voice. They need to hear your soul. Not a recording, not a video. You. Your voice, using masterfully crafted words by gifted authors, is what your students need. They need live interaction with someone that cares about them, someone who acknowledges their subtle gestures, responds to [...]

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I just marked the passages I wanted to memorize, quote and use.This is a book every world language teacher needs to read: The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction, by Meghan Cox Gurdon. The author is a children's book reviewer, not a world language teacher, but she gets it. Her insights into why reading aloud is important are wise and timely in our digitally distracted age. It is a is a worthy successor to The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease and Reading Magic, by Mem Fox. If you teach with novels, C.I., TPRS or other [...]


SEATTLE, WA—Veteran local Spanish teacher Y.A. Basta, 37, reports he is still confident that this year his attempts will finally be fruitful and yield classes full of fluent speakers after 14 consecutive years of frustration. Basta admits that in the past, students could not remember anything, or even order a cup of coffee in Madrid, despite up to 4 years of intensive study in his classes. While most teachers would cry out, “Enough!” and seek different methods after such a run of failure, Basta is not swayed, confirming to sources that he will “stay the course” until he is successful [...]

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The Ho-Chunk special person poster is now available. Ho-Chunk is a native American language. There are members of the Ho-Chunk nation all over North America, but the nation is centered in Wisconsin. I feel fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to visit, observe and design a program to teach Ho-Chunk teachers acquisition-based techniques to help them to preserve their language, culture and identity. See the Ho-Chunk Special Person classroom poster here. Thanks to Shena Munden, from the Ho-Chunk nation in Wisconsin for the translation.

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