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We are proud to announce a new author and a new book to the line-up of quality independent authors. Ben Lev (see his page here) is from northern California and has taught students from kindergarten through college for more than 30 years. He has a new book for [...]

Sharing Books

By |2021-11-18T17:30:25-07:00November 18th, 2021|

Kids like sharing books. I've had students pass books from hand to hand outside of class for weeks because they found them so compelling. Paper books are superior in almost every way. Digital books are infinitely better than no books, but begin thinking about how to budget for and [...]


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I was invited to be a guest lecturer for two sessions in the EDUC-462-001: Methods and Assessment in Teaching Languages class at Colorado State University. It was a mix of graduate and undergraduate students. All were either teaching college language courses or doing student teaching at the secondary level [...]

Hi-Impact Reading Strategies

By |2021-09-15T22:04:42-06:00September 15th, 2021|

It's here! I have been working on this book for a year and a half, (well, actually, my whole career). And it's finally done. This is the best of what I teach teachers. It is some of the best work I have ever written, a distillation of all my [...]

Hansel & Gretel: Activate the Interpretive Mode

By |2021-08-21T19:59:08-06:00August 21st, 2021|

This is the perfect unit for when the teacher is out of the classroom for a few days: It delivers comprehensible input, it gives students a concrete task, it is multi-level, and the accountability is built in. Plus, the sub doesn't need to know the language or how to [...]

Start the School Right and Get Students Reading

By |2021-08-11T14:29:44-06:00August 11th, 2021|

This just-published unit can be the first full story of the school year for a Spanish I class. It can be told at the beginning of the second or third week of class, or it can be saved until later. It explains how to get students reading right away. [...]

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