Veronica Moscoso

Verónica Moscoso

Verónica Moscoso is an author, journalist and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

In 2011, Verónica earned a master’s degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Her thesis film, A Wild Idea, received nine awards of merit and distinction. She is the published author of Historias con sabor a sueño (2001), Los ojos de Carmen (2005) (with versions in French and English), Olivia y los monos (2018), El Rey Arthur (2020), Halloween vs. Día de los muertos (2020), Soñadores (2020), El pequeño ángel de Colombia (2021), and Alma de lobo (2021).

She is also the author of various published articles, photographs, multimedia, video, and radio pieces, in both English and Spanish. Throughout her life, Verónica has also worked as a language teacher.

Born and raised in Ecuador, Verónica left her hometown of Quito to live and travel in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia. She chronicled her trips through journal essays and photography. She now lives in the United States and continues creating content.

Her background as a language teacher together with her storytelling skills make her an extraordinary author for language learning books.

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