Verónica Moscoso

Verónica Moscoso

Verónica is an exceptional storyteller, author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker extraordinaire! 

Tim K., adult language learner… “What I like about Verónica Moscoso’s books is that she just tells a good story without an agenda.”

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, Verónica brings her unique voice, language skills, and cultural heritage to the world of Spanish language learning.  Her collection of fabulous easy-to-read books for Spanish students range from captivating fiction to eye-opening real life stories. Get ready to meet unforgettable characters, dive into iconic legends, uncover the bond between humans and animals, and even crack up with her hilarious book of jokes!

But there’s even more to Verónica’s accomplishments. She has won nine awards for her documentary film “A Wild Idea” and has authored articles, multimedia projects, and radio pieces in both English and Spanish. Plus, she holds a degree from the renowned UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. On top of that, her globetrotting adventures in the Middle East and Southeast Asia have enriched her vision and added a global touch to her storytelling.

Now based in California, Verónica continues to create captivating content. With her background in language teaching and her knack for storytelling, Verónica’s books are the perfect recipe for Spanish learning success. They are not only fun and engaging but also crafted in a natural, conversational style that will make readers fall in love with the language.

Ready to experience Verónica’s world of storytelling? Explore her books right here, grab a copy, and start your adventure today!